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Enjoy countless songs from ten different K-pop groups in the music game SuperStar JYPNATION! It's an official JYP record label game, so you'll hear your favorite songs from groups like J.Y., Wonder Girls, Sunmi, 2AM and TWICE.

SuperStar JYPNATION its played just like other music games like Beat Fever, Tap Tap Reborn or Rock Hero. Play the musical notes as they fall from the top of the screen to keep racking up points! Keep playing notes without making a mistake to get 'combos' and even higher scores.

Because SuperStar JYPNATION has an official JYP license, you can collect official cards starring your favorite artists from the ten groups in the game. There's over 400 cards to collect! There's also bonus themes to unlock, as well as more difficult versions of levels you've already unlocked.

SuperStar JYPNATION is a really remarkable musical game, with a huge number of quality songs, an easy to learn game system, and loads of cards to collect. Compete against other players from all over the world with the online scoreboards!
By Raúl Rosso

Android 4.1 or hight required

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